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Update on Ebola Scare Spreading to Airlines

Posted by bvalaw on October 15, 2014

If your confidence in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is dropping, this post won’t help. The second Ebola health-care provider flew from Cleveland to Dallas, just a day prior to her diagnosis, with an elevated temperature. The CDC stated earlier that she should not have been on the commercial aircraft.

As it turns out, news reports now indicate that she contacted the CDC prior to the flight and was not advised that she shouldn’t board. It would seem that the left hand is not talking to the right and that even the CDC has inadequate procedures for handling this outbreak in the U.S.

If she’d been flying out of an affected area of Africa, she’d have been flagged for further treatment. Instead, without any indications to suggest otherwise, she was allowed to board. Now, the CDC wants everyone on the plane to call in.