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United Airlines Pilot Removed From Flight

Posted by bvalaw on February 17, 2017

United Airlines had to remove one of its own pilots prior to takeoff on Saturday after a rather bizarre meltdown. The pilot apparently arrived late for United Airlines flight #455 from Austin to San Francisco still in street clothes. She then began what can only be described as a rant about her divorce and recent presidential election over the intercom.

The rant upset many passengers and raised obvious concerns about the pilot’s fitness to fly. Like most everything these days, the breakdown was recorded and many comments have been posted on social media. At one point, the pilot told passengers that her male co-pilot would fly the aircraft but that they should get off the plane if they didn’t feel safe. And a number of them reportedly did just that.

In any event, the flight was delayed by two hours as a result while United Airlines secured a replacement crew. Passengers were given free snacks and meal vouchers to make up for the inconvenience.