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United Airlines Boots Two Year Old from Seat

Posted by bvalaw on July 26, 2017

When will the airlines get it together? In the latest gaffe by a major carrier, United Airlines apparently kicked at fare paying two year old out of his seat to make room for a stand-by passenger. The child’s ticket reportedly cost almost $1000.

And, as most parents know, a two year old is required to purchase a seat. Passengers cannot hold two year olds in the lap. It is unsafe. Yet that’s exactly what the mother of the child was forced to do when her child was essentially given the boot during a layover on the last leg of a flight from Hawaii to Boston.

Why would United Airlines do something so asinine? Well, the airline is blaming a snafu in the gate process. The flight attendant was reportedly unsympathetic and wholly unconcerned. After United’s actions with other passengers, it’s no wonder this mother was forced to go with the flow, no doubt fearing she and/or her child would be dragged down the aisle and/or have to deal with child services. In fact, she told news outlets she didn’t want to get herself or her child hurt. United has since apologized.