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Injuries Aboard Airlines

While major airline crashes are rare, injuries aboard airlines are not. Such injuries can be caused by encounters with turbulence, careless handling of beverage carts, baggage falling from overhead, and any number of other things.  Our aviation accident attorneys have a great deal of experience in successfully handling such injuries.

Severe turbulence is a very common cause of injuries aboard commercial airplanes. Turbulence is generally caused by air masses of different speeds, pressures and/or temperatures coming together. Thunderstorms and cold or warm fronts are always accompanied by turbulence. Most times, airlines and pilots know about turbulence along their routes and try to avoid those areas as much as possible. Sometimes, however, airplanes encounter what is known as clear air turbulence, which is simply turbulence in the air that a pilot cannot see. In those cases, passengers are often surprised by a sudden and unexpected bumpy ride.

picture of inside of airline cabin by aviation accident attorneysIf an airline, in trying to save time or fuel, intentionally or negligently flies through or near a thundrstorm or cell, it can be liable for the injuries it may cause to passengers by the resulting turbulence.

Falling baggage and beverage carts are also common causes of on board injuries. Thankfully, most such injuries are not severe, but they can still be painful and ruin an otherwise pleasant trip. These sorts of injuries are often caused by some oversight on the part of a flight attendant, who is typically an airline employee.

It is not uncommon for people with disabilities to be injured while boarding or exiting a plane. Airlines usually contract with outside companies to provide gate services at airports. If the employees of those companies are not properly trained in Air Carrier Access Act procedures, injuires can easily occur.

The aviation accident attorneys at Braden & Varner, P.C. have handled many cases involving injuries aboard commercial airline flights. Contact us to let us evaluate your claim.