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Charter Airplane Crashes

Charter airplane flights have their own unique issues and, if tragedy strikes, you need aviation accident lawyers who know them well.  Major and regional airlines are often referred to as scheduled carriers because they fly from one point to the next on a regular schedule.  Charter flights, in contrast, typically fly on an as needed basis.  For instance, if a sports team needs to get to a game four states away by a certain time, they might charter a plane to take them there, instead of flying commercial.

Charter operations are governed by a different set of FAA Regulations than the ones that major and regional airlines have to follow.  Charter regulations are not as demanding with regard to training, crew rest and maintenance.  As a result, anyone thinking of chartering an airplane needs to be very careful and do lots of homework.picture of inside of a charter airplane by aviation accident lawyers

Unfortunately, the information you need to make good decisions about a charter operation is not always readily available.  Before choosing a charter company, though, insist on getting basic information such as:  (1) the experience level of the pilots; (2) whether aircraft maintenance is done by the charter company or by an outside provider; (3) the safety record of the company; and (4) whether the charter company has adequate insurance.  The insurance point is particularly important.  If a charter company is cutting corners on insurance, chances are it is cutting corners in other important areas as well.

No matter if the charter company flies small planes, small jets or big jets, if that company is not willing to risk the money to insure itself for at least a few million dollars, you do not want to do business with them.

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